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What is this?

Get Random
The FAQs

What is this?
A way to goto a random page within certain topic areas.
What are these 'Topic' things you speak of?
We currently have 4 topic areas:

Geek News - These are (mostly) daily news sites that your average net.geek would be interested in.

Plain News - These are (mostly) daily news sites that have, you know, plain old news.

Comics - These are (mostly) sites that have daily or weekly comic strips. This one is stolen straight from our Meta Comics site.

Random - Now this is the kicker. This will send you randomly to a site that hosts ANOTHER random link generator. Kinda boggles the mind, eh?

Just click one of the big blue buttons.
Hey, You should have XYZ page in your random file!
Good idea. Send it to us by carrier pigeon and we'll add it right in.
Can I get a list of all the sites in your random file?
That would kinda defeat the whole purpose of this site, don't you think?
I clicked one of the big blue buttons and it gave me some weird error!
Bummer Dude. Life goes on.
Is this site part of some vast global conspiracy?
I have a question that wasn't answered here...
Wow, you've sure got a lotta questions.
Now what do I do?
Go back to the Get Random home page.