1997 Fools: Scientists confirm existence of UFO behind Hale Bop comet
Subject:      *** Scientists Confirm Hale-Bop UFO ***
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Date:         1997/04/01
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Scientists Confirm Hale-Bop UFO

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Scientists confirm existence of UFO behind Hale Bop comet

April 1, 1997
Web posted at: 7:00 a.m. NZST

>From Correspondent Lirpa Loof

SAN FRANCISCO (CMM) -- Stunned NASSA scientists have 
confirmed that they are receiving radio signals from 
a space craft which appears to be traveling in the 
wake of the Hale Bop comet.

It is believed that the originator of the message may
be the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult who commited
suicide along with 38 of his followers last week.

The New Mexico CETI station was first to receive the
transmissions which started early on Sunday morning
Pacific time.

"I thought it was a hoax, one of the staff playing tricks on
us" said professor Ima Phool, head of the CETI program.
"I couldn't believe a that this was a real message from
another inteligent life form."

Professor Phool and his staff have been searching for
evidence of extra terrestial life for years and apart from a
very few short-lived and still unexplained occurances, this
is the first time any concrete evidence has been

"The first message we received was in English and came 
in loud and clear". The leader of the cult was requesting 
that we forward his email through the CETI transmitter but 
we had to decline, we're not an ISP" said Professor Phool. 
"I suggested that he contact AOL to see if they 
could oblige".

AOL denied any communications with the UFO or the cult leader when
contacted earlier today. "We haven't heard from them"
said AOL's head of non-terrestial subscriptions, "but it
then again, our pan-galactic mail-server has been out for
the past few days."

When CWW contacted AT&T on the matter, they
suggested that there's no way they could provide
interplanetary Internet services for $19.95 per month.
"We'd need to load that with some kind of surcharge to
cover our extra costs" said the office cleaner, who was the
only person available over the Easter break.

It is believed that the cult has a new intergalactic domain
name to where their email will eventually be redirected and
from which their new Web-page design business will be
run. It is thought that the domain will be
hale.bop.com.earth.sol, although ISOCU (The Internet
Society of the Universe) is currently proposing that the
RULDS (Really Upper Level Domain Space) be
re-organised into just one top level domain - .god.

Speaking from the spacecraft, the cult's team-leader said
"we intend to continue our Web-development activities,
we'll just be teleworking from this point onwards. The
recent publicity and change of premises has actually been
very good for business, we're doing a lot of sites for
funeral homes and that sort of thing".

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