1997 Fools: Netter Digital Announces B5 Amusement Park!
Subject:      Netter Digital Announces B5 Amusement Park!
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Date:         1997/03/31
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     I just got this press release.  Thought I'd post it here ...

 SOURCE  Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc.
 CO:  Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc.
 ST:  California

 ATLANTIC CITY, Apr. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Netter Digital


     ATLANTIC CITY, NJ -- Netter Digital Entertainment Inc. (NDEI) and
hotel magnate Donald Trump today announced plans to convert this
city's Trump Marina Casino Resort into the world's largest indoor
amusement park, based on the popular "Babylon 5" TV series.
     The park will be called Straczynskiland, after the show's creator
and executive producer, J. Michael Straczynski.  Visitors will
experience a simulated visit aboard the show's five-mile long space
     "This won't be no Mickey Mouse park," Trump said at a news
conference.  "It'll be real high class.  We're going to take my hotel
casino here overlooking the marina and convert it into a true space
     "We are very pleased with Mr. Trump's plan to construct a
simulated Babylon 5," said Douglas Netter, Chairman, President and
CEO of Netter Digital.  "This validates the Company's strategy to
build entertainment franchises with its production properties."
He went on to say, "The response from Babylon 5 fans around the world is
expected to be very favorable."
     Illustrations prepared by NDEI's computer graphical imagery (CGI)
staff show early concepts of what Straczynskiland may look like.
     Visitors will be greeted by an 25-foot tall audioanimatronic
Straczynski at the hotel entrance, or "docking bay."  Cast members
dressed as B5 security guards will demand "Identicards" from guests,
who will be "spaced" if they can't present the proper passport.
     Once they pass inspection, visitors will enter the Zocalo, a huge
shopping plaza where they can buy momentos.  One item, evocative of
Disneyland's Mouseketeer ears, will be a Minbari "bonehead."  The
Zocalo will also feature a casino where guests can place their bets
alongside cast members dressed as Londo Mollari.
     Among the other attractions shown in the preliminary designs:

     "It's a Small Downbelow" -- Celebrates the ethnic diversity of
the galaxy, with cast members dressed as various alien species.  Trump
said that, to save money, Atlantic City homeless would be invited in
to dress as "Lurkers" in exchange for food scraps and a warm floor to
spend the night.  Trump hailed it as "real family entertainment."

     "Shadow Land" -- Guests will board rail cars shaped like the
White Star spaceship and zoom past spidery Shadow ships to crash through
the great dome on Z'ha'dum.  Cast members costumed as Mr.
Morden will seat attraction riders by asking, "What do you want?"
Trump hailed it as "real family entertainment."

     "Mr. Garibaldi's Wild Ride" -- Visitors on this ride will get
drunk, shot in the back, captured by a Shadow ship and brainwashed by
the Psi Corps.  Trump hailed it as "real family entertainment."

     "Ivanova's Black Leather Revue" -- Cast members costumed as
Babylon 5's first officer will perform bawdy ballads with lewd lyrics
in French.  Trump hailed it as "real family entertainment."

     Trump said that he expects approval of the project will go
smoothly with the city's Planning Department, although a waiver may be
required to construct a sign large enough to hold the word
STRACZYNSKILAND on the front of the hotel.
     Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc. is a digital entertainment and
production company which utilizes high technology in creating television
series, movies, documentaries and multimedia productions.  The Company
specializes in creating science fiction programming which combines live
action with computer graphics and is presently expanding its capabilities
from being primarily a production company into a broader-based,
technology-driven entertainment company.  The Company currently produces
the Hugo Award-winning science fiction television series "Babylon 5" with
creator and executive producer, J. Michael Straczynski.

     P.S. April Fool.

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