1997 Fools: Surprise Release! Nintendo Modem Pak!
Subject:      Surprise Release!  Nintendo Modem Pak!
From:         skadar@ziplink.net.nospam (Steven Wood)
Date:         1997/04/01
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YES!!! I am so psyched about the Modem Pak!!! 
This was just posted on a web site and I thought you 
guys would want to know.

Get ready for net-gaming on the N64!

Modem Pak Brings the Internet To the Nintendo 64

     REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 1, 1997--Nintendo of 
America (NOA) announced on Tuesday that a new accesory for their
flagship Nintendo 64 video gaming console will undergo a surprise
release on April 3.  The new accesory, designated as The Modem Pak,
has been in development for 9 months and news of its availability will
undoubtedly take the video gaming industry by storm.  

     Development on the cartridge based Modem Pak has been a closely
guarded secret at NOA headquarters in Redmond.  The device, known
formally as the The Nintendo 64 Modem Pak, is the size and shape of a
normal Nintendo 64 cartridge and has the power and speed of today's
28.800 bps modems used in personal computers.  The Nintendo 64 
Modem Pak has a socket at the top into which any currently available
Nintendo 64 game cartridge can be inserted.  Then Modem Pak then can
be plugged directly into the Nintendo 64 game console itself.

     "This is an example of Nintendo of America going far and beyond
the expectations of its customers", says Howard Lincoln, chairman,
Nintendo of America Inc. "The Modem Pak raises the stakes in the
industry as it allows the Nintendo 64 to vault over the competition in
terms of connectivity and shear gaming options."

     Nintendo claims that within days of the April 3 release of the
Modem Pak, Nintendo "GameServers" will be in place on the Internet
that will allow Nintendo customers to connect and play multiplayer
games with other Nintendo 64 users.  All of this will be at no charge
to the individual user, and telephone access will be handled through
toll-free numbers to be provided by Nintendo on April 3.  Nintendo is
claiming that all of its currently available game cartridges will be
supported for online, multiplayer gaming.

     "The Modem Pak delivers high speed on-the-fly data compression
and transmission equivalent to a top of the line 28.800 PC modem."
says, Bill Parker, head of Modem Pak development.  "We have had test
GameServers up and running for the past four months at headquarters
and we have every conceivable latency issue ironed out.  Nintendo 64
users should be in for lightning fast gaming that will not exhibit any
noticable slowdown like earlier video game console modems have."

     By all accounts, this release by Nintendo of America has taken
the video gaming industry by complete surprise.  The industry waters
have currently been in a steady state riding out the period between
major game releases for the Nintendo 64 system.  Nintendo customers
were not expecting a bockbuster release until the arrival of the much
anticipated Star Fox 64 and Force Pak accesory.

     "We have unique code additions provided by the individual game
developers running on the GameServers that allow all of the currently
available Nintendo 64 games to take advantage of the multiplayer
environment" states Bill Parker, "For instance, with Turok: Dinosaur
Hunter, a new menu will appear after connecting with the Modem Pak
that will allow players to select and even chat with potential
opponents before starting the game."

     Nintendo is now in the process of establishing additional,
redundant GameServers to support the incredible interest that this
accessory will generate.  "We've monitored the presence of the online
Nintendo community, and we believe we are providing what our dedicated
customers really want", says Mr. Lincoln.  Expect the Modem Pak to
arrive in stores around the United States on April 5.  No information
as to European distribution is yet available.
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