1997 Fools: New version SpamMail (TM) v.2.5 from CompuDog
Subject:      New version SpamMail (TM) v.2.5 from CompuDog
From:         joo2@spider.compart.fi (joonas kervinen)
Date:         1997/04/01
Message-Id:   <5hqjdd$82t$1@gate.compart.fi>
Newsgroups:   comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc

Introducing new version of SpamMail from the makers of the ultimate "Killer"
virus app: CompuOgre ("we know a killer app when we do it").

(please don't forget the read the last paragraph)

What does SpamMail do? With SpamMail you can:

- With a push of a buttom send messages to everyone on the internet.
- Send that message again, even off-line
- Cut your advertising budget in half a have fun at the same time.
- Bulk Mail Galore!

Well what's newin version 2.5? Plenty!
- Using special features of internet you can now have a repeating ad campaign
even when you are off-line. With new built-in stealth technology you can, for
example, harness others (even competitors , heh heh!) mail servers to spam your

- Somebody you don't like? Mail bomb them! With a push off a button you can have
a repeating message go on for weeks. The recipient address with choke, gasp, and
die! Guaranteed!

- Cloaking technology from version 2.0 has now been revamped so that no traces of
the senders address will be legible. Now with new added feature so that
everything in your message will be total gibberish.

- Got you salivating? Well, here's the BIG one: Now you can mailbomb everyone!
Yeah, bring down the whole of internet with a repeating mail bomb from everyone
to everyone! Be somebody! Show 'em that YOU matter!

Beware of lame imitators of SpamMail (TM)!

Only $39.95 (+ ship. & handling, California residents add 8% VAT). All major
credit cards accepted with NO addt. cost. Add 5% for VISA and Amex.

------------ COMING SOON ------------------
We are working on a sister product of SpamMail that will make your bank account
go crazy: ScamMail!
Ever seen messages with headers like "$$$ BIG Bucks NOW!$$$". Well, ScamMail will
take advantage of SpamMail's unique spamming abilities to enable you to saturate
the internet with myriad pyramid investment hooks.

------------ A SPECIAL COMBO PACK ---------------------
Now for a limited time we offer a special combo pack: with absolutely no
additional cost: We'll send you the SpamMail 2.5 infected with our awesome
CompuOgre 4.0. Listen what the pro's said about CompuOgre:
Doctor Doberman's Mag:
"The only virus the listed anti-virus program was unable to cleanse was
PC Journal:
"Due to nature of CompuOgre the none of the [virus apps] tested could eradicate

Computer Periodical:
"CompuOgre changes read/write routines of program that they fail in later use.
Prolonged use of infected programs will result in total data loss ... Since
CompuOgre is not present in infected hard-drives the is no way to detect it or
remove it ... the computer simply fails"

Not bad, eh?
Just add $9.95 for extra CompuOgre literature and you'll have the

And here's the last paragraph you've been waiting for: The above "posting" is
totally bogus! It's an April Fools day Joke! Sorry about lost bandwidth and
off-topicness. Hey the way things are going maybe it's a reality someday. Even
now I get junk mail from a bulk mai