1997 Fools: *LOW COST* Travel Tours from GPT!
Subject:      *LOW COST* Travel Tours from GPT!
From:         Paul Tom Zalac <pzalac@callisto.uwinnipeg.ca>
Date:         1997/04/01
Message-Id:   <Pine.NEB.3.95.970401013734.8885A-100000@callisto.uwinnipeg.ca>
Newsgroups:   rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh



Have you ever wished you could travel to some out of the way 
location free from commercialization just to take in the 
natural splendor of the universe?

GPT now offers you this chance!

We offer the LOWEST RATES of ANY North American based travel 
agency offering similar services.  SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON 

Hard to believe?  IT'S TRUE!

With this one time offer, you can book a spot on any one of 
our travel package destinations.

Our Tours take you on fabulous journey's through strange and exotic
planets both within and on the outskirts of the United Planets.

Our beautiful stargate capable premium class starships provide five
star rated food and service with exquisitely decorated public rooms 
richly appointed in beautiful polyaglathamene, brallimite, and exquisite

Bookings begin on stardate 04012997! 1000 years may sound like 
a long way off, but we urge you to not delay! Spots on all of 
our tours are running out!

We offer a number of tours that can be modified to suit your own personal
tastes and financial status ranging from 3 days to 6 weeks.  The following
are our more popular choices based on our travel brochures:


United Planets Sight Seeing Tour
7 day tour
Earth, Titan, Brall, Imsk, Mars, Bgztl

Tour the innermost celestial spheres of the UP, starting with 
Earth, where you can take in the Legion Headquarters, the UP 
Buildings, the ancient city of Metropolis, and the longest 
coastline in the milky way galaxy from Arizona state.  From 
there, our starship will take you to Titan, home of founding 
Legionnaire Imra Ardeen, Saturn Girl, along with other 
telepaths!  Visit the Titanian Space Museum and the Institute 
for telepathic research.  From there, we journey to the murky 
mudball planet - Brall.  You can take in the magnoball
championships along with a tour of an actual Brallian valorium 
mine! Just watch your wallet.  The people of Brall are 
generally poor and 90% of the population are believed to be 
liars according to our Titanian produced travel guide.  Next 
stop is Imsk, a planet no larger than the innermost planet of 
the Sol system, yet full of life and beautiful Flaurae and 
Faunae.  Among other plants, the salu, or Imskian Violet grows 
wild here.  After that, the next stop is Mars, an ancient planet
once thought to be the home of little green men by the people 
of Earth, but we now know better, since Mars is now populated by
peoples from all across the United Planets.  Last stop is Bgtzl, 
Planet of the legionnaire, Apparition! it is possible to get there
through a specially crafted stargate created specially by RJ Brande
There you will experience the thrill of temporary phantom abilities.
Prices start around $1499 creds per person for a window cabin, 
or $1599 for a windowless cabin.  Prices are only good for early


Galactic Get Away - 4 weeks
4 weeks
Winath, Aleph, Naltor, Bismoll, Xanthu

Our Galactic get away tour begins on the beutiful twin mooned planet
of Winath, where we visit the numerous nude beaches full of
twin winathians.  We then journey to the archeological museum
on the planet Aleph, home of the strangest trinkets from the 
united planets and beyond.  Next, we stay on Naltor, ancient planet
whose people were once known to posess psychic powers.  Immediately 
after we make a short stop on Bismoll and check out the annual nuclear
waste eating contest at the Bismoll worlds fair.  Finally, we stop off
on Xanthu and watch the heroes of the planet face off each other for
the role of planetary champion

Prices start around $1210 creds per person for a window cabin, 
or $2451 for a windowless cabin.  Prices are only good for early


Exotic adventure excursion
Vyrga, Durla, Daxam, Colu, Lallor, Talok VIII

This tour will take you to the most unique planets currently
in the united planets.  We start on Vyrga and tour the grand 
cavern of ti'julk and view the ancient carvings within.  Next
stop are Durla and its neighboring asteroid belt, and view the
interesting building structures that survived the so called 7
minute war.  We then journey to Daxam, and visit an actual 
commune during harvest season.  Next stop, Colu - Check out
the latest in technology at ColuCon 12122997.  From there we
venture forth to Lallor and witness the Lallorian world wonders
like the lava river or the underwater city of Aluvia.  Finally 
we go to the sand swept planet of Talok VIII and take part in 
the mystic seances of the planets warriors in the underground 
city of Klorow.

Prices begin at around $1294201210 durlan spleegs per person for
a window cabin, or $2161243958451 for a windowless cabin.  Prices
are only good for early bookings. 


Walk in Valor's footsteps pilgrimage
4 weeks
Cargg, Vaalor-7, Manna-5, Zuun, Gahhn, Korr

Jounrney to the most sacred planets journeyed to by the 
great world seeder Valor.  Visit a Carggian monastary, 
witness the mysterious "footsteps of Valor" that eerily
appear on Vallor-7 as if he were a phantom walking through
the sane.  Visit Manna-5, whose ancient people claim Valor 
is the reason for the planets great harvests.  Next we make
quick stops to see Zuun and Gahhn, two planets that both lay 
claim to the authentic Gandian Garbs of Valor.  Finally we
visit korr and its incredible sky city, believed to be held
up by the "will of Valor" but known by most scientists to be
a natural wonder of the planets geothermal activity.

Prices start at $11229 creds per person for a window cabin, 
or $152429 for a windowless cabin.  Prices are only good for early


Please send this order form with a cheque or money order to:
GPT Tours
239 Aathanar Avenue
Suite 269
Radiation Beach, Molask, Angtu 010101
Email Address_____________________________
Payment Method (choose one)____Check____Money Order
GPT Tours                               _______ UP funds only
Sales Tax (Durlan Residents add 14%)
                                Total   _______

If our Mail Service has inappropriately included you in their 
database, we will not remove you per your request since you will
never hear from us again. 

btw: Happy April Fools Day everyone :) from Paul Zalac.

if you havent gotten it by now, this was a joke :)  possibly only
understandable to people with greater than 12th level intellect, but a
joke nonetheless. :)

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