1997 Fools: The End of Cunard Announced!!!
Subject:      The End of Cunard Announced!!!
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Date:         1997/04/01
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Hi Everyone,

Sadly, the end has come for Cunard as we know it.  Our old friend from
Australia, John Fisher sent me this wire service report.  I am sorry
to post it but all great things must come to an end.  Please read ALL
of the details and let me know what you think.

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London April 1, 1997

P&O Acquires Cunard Line Ltd from Kvaerner

Acquisition is a strategic one

The P&O Group proudly announced today, they have acquired the fabled
Cunard Steamship Line from Kvaerner Industries for $178 million
Sterling. P&O will assume ownership and operation of all five Cunard
Line vessels immediately.

This acquisition, labeled as "strategic" by the Board of Directors as
P&O is in dire need of berths to further strengthen their position in
both the global and ex-UK cruise market. 

Record Profits Announced

P&O just last week, announced an all time record profit of USD $ 250
million for their cruise division which includes P&O Cruises, Los
Angeles based affiliate Princess Cruises, UK specialty operator Swan
Hellenic and P&O Cruises Australia.

P&O Cruises is now in the enviable position of being the second most
profitable cruise line in the world and with their latest acquisition,
will surpass Royal Caribbean International as second in size.

Operational Changes

P&O have announced that no major changes are in store for the Cunard
fleet. All five ships will adhere to their previously published
schedules for the remainder of 1997. 2, Royal Viking Sun and
Vistafjord will however, be repainted in P&O livery to reflect the
ownership change as will the new names to be given to Royal Viking Sun
and Vistafjord. 

Effective April 15, 1997, Royal Viking Sun will officially bear the
name IBERIA and Vistafjord wil l bear the legendary name ORSOVA . Both
will also proudly fly the Union Jack after being re-registered in the

Queen Elizabeth 2 however, will remain unchanged. She will retain her
great and legendary name. "The Queen is an English institution, a
piece of Britain herself, we could think of no greater insult than to
alter her in any way" commented Lord Sterling, Chairman of the P&O
Group. The most noticeable change will be the P&O house flag to be
painted on her superstructure, where the once proud Cunard Lion once
"It is indeed our proudest day that Britain's two greatest and
legendary steamship companies have been amalgamated and Cunard is
truly British once again" commented her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
Second after learning of the news.

The P&O Group have promised a full press conference and a more
summary of the transaction pending full government disclosure
proceedings to be conducted by the Ministry of Transport later this



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