1997 Fools: Christian Coalition Reveals Plot to Overthrow America
Subject:      Christian Coalition Reveals Plot to Overthrow America
From:         April follsday <April@AF.com>
Date:         1997/04/01
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April 1, 1997

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(AFDJ) Washington DC - The Christian Coalition wants to save America by
taking it over, so says the religious group's leader, Ralph Reed.

"America has reached a spiritual crossroad," announced Reed in a press
hearing today.  "We can no longer hope and pray for our leaders to do
the right thing.  Starting today, we will be taking over this country
and saving it from itself."

Reed outlined his plan by which local, state, and federal supporters
already in key government positions will begin the conversion of America
from a democratic republic to a theocratic one.

"We already have most of the government offices firmly in our control. 
It is only a matter of converting the laws of this country to following
God's law."

According the the Coalition, the US Constitution will hereby be declared
null and void.  In it's place will be a new Constitution based on the
bible.  Key guarantees include the union of church and state, and
absolute religous freedom providing that religion is recognized by the
Christian Coalition.

The White House had no comment at the time, but aides say President
Clinton is threatening to call in the National Guard and order the
arrest of Reed and others on the grounds of treason.

Reed laughed at that report.  "He can try.  But more than half the
soldiers in the National Guard are solid Christians."

House Speaker Newt Gingrich asked the people to remain calm.  "In the
end this will be a good thing," he said as he addressed the House. 
"This will only be a temporary measure at worst, and once it's over
we'll have a much stronger nation.  Strong in both personal and moral

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