1997 Fools: Announcing X13 Release 2
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Subject: Announcing X13 Release 2
Date: 1 Apr 97 21:38:15 GMT
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Release 2 of X13 is now available world wide and globally.

Drawing on revolutionary breakthroughs in heuristic programming, fractal
compression techniques, and pico-protocols, after three months of intense 
design and furious 24x7 programming, the X13 Project Team is pleased to 
announce X13, Release 2, previously known by its code name, "Blizzard."

"This represents such an advance in technology we had to go to X13," said 
Nigel Tufnel, Chief Architect, "it has all the features of the unreleased 
X12 and then some, so we had to call it X13."

Introducing the notion of virtual clients, X13 incorporates the latest
advances in diet computing to produce the ultimate in thin clients. No 
more waiting to download even thin clients, virtual clients are virtually
instantaneous, and are either there or they're not.

Bob Scheifler, Director of New Product Development at Ralston-Purina said:
"This technology represents a whole new breed of software development and 
distribution. Ralston-Purina is basing its entire Internet strategy on the 
Blizzard technology suite. I feel comfortable with basing our mission 
critical Chow-Direct system on Release 2 as this represents a mature 
technology, at least in dog years, and we should know."

Like all prior X releases X13 Release 2 is freely available, and this
time you really get what you pay for. The X13 Project Team would like to
thank all of the sites world wide that are participating in the release
of the software.


(Additional mirror sites will become available shortly; please check
your favorite site first.)

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