1996 Fools: [NEWS] Ziv Video acquired by Amalgam Comics
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Subject: [NEWS] Ziv Video acquired by Amalgam Comics
Date: 1 Apr 1996 23:00:33 GMT
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In a suprise press release made earlier today, joint spokesmen Lush 
Trudeau of Ziv Video and Dave Sim of Amalgam Comics announced that Ziv 
Video will become the property of Amalgam by the end of the week.  While 
last minute negotiations are still be ironed out, the deal is effectively 
set in stone.  Says Trudeau, "We're psyched.  Finally, Llama 1/2 will 
recieve the audience it so richly deserves.  Poor saps."

For the past two months General Mills, Ziv Video's parent company, had 
been approaching prospective buyers for the struggling company.  The 
offical response from General Mills claimed that Ziv's sales were simply 
not up to snuff, despite the recent introduction of such pointless 
excercies in gore as Kappa Slayer and Hime-chan no Ribbon.  However, 
sources within GM indicate that the marketing tie-ins with the Ziv 
product line simply wasn't selling cereal.  Llama 1/2 Breakfast Crunchies 
("It Changes With Milk!") was a major disapointment for the prominant 
food chain.

Amalgam has announced a number of projects in the works involving the Ziv 
acquisitions.  Due in the fourth quarter is a two-week run of comics 
merging popular characters from both Ziv and Amalgam.  Titles announced 
included "Bullets, Bracelets, and Hyperdimensional Sledgehammers", 
"Please Save My Slumping Market Share", "Maison XavierCave", "Cooking 
with Linda Carter...and boy can she cook", "Justice League Nerima", "Dr. 
Tofufatelove", and "X-Llama - The World's Greatest Heroes".

Amalgam also plans several entries into the video market, including both 
direct to video and network television, with tentative plans for a 
theatrical release of the popular "Llama 1/2 Interactive Movie", as seen 
at Epcot Center.  "Fox Television is currently considering proposals for 
several projects, including 'Want To See My Mermaid's Scar', which will 
be expanded into a 108 episode daily series by including footage from 
other popular Japanese television shows, such as 'Go Go Mach', 
'Urotsukidoji', 'Marmalade Boy', 'The Frugal Gourmet', 'Red Riding Hood 
Cha Cha', 'Victory Gundam', and the ever popular 'Miyazaki's Sumo 
Wrestling Action Hour'.

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