1996 Fools: Viz Maison IKkoku subs
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Subject: Viz Maison IKkoku subs
Date: 1 Apr 1996 00:24 CDT
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I have just received an interesting email from NT Anime.  They report that
Trish at Viz has contacted them concerning permission to use their scripts
for the professional subtitled release.  According to them, they feel that
using the existing translation and timing will allow them to release the
subtitled versions at twice the normal rate, meaning the dubs will be
released AFTER the subtitled versions come out.
Of course, they intend to completely examine and correct any mis-translations
[in which there are several in the NT Anime scripts] and the timing will
have to be adjusted to meet professional specifications.  I am much relieved
that they will be leaving the honorifics and familiar "Kanrinan-san
terminology which are very important to the show.
Trish (who wrote the email) feels that this move will help improve her
reputation with the serious anime fan.  She is quite aware of the fact
that many fans are displeased by her recent moves, and has asked NT Anime
for their advice on dealing with Maison Ikkoku.  Better still, they intend
to permit NT ANime to continue subtitling the series to its completion.

These are pretty exciting events for Viz, I certainly hope that they
continue.  I'll be sure to buy ALL of Viz's Maison Ikkoku professional
subtitles, and encourage all fans to do likewise.
Can't wait for them to come out!