1996 Fools: [CON] SM Marathon
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JigokuKon 2 is adding a new event because -you- asked for it! Yes, we are
dedicating one of our video rooms to a round-the-clock Sailor Moon
Marathon! With over 250 episodes of Sailor Moon available, we expect to
run for almost the entire Con!  Most of the eps will be in Japanese, so
one of our red-eyed translators will be on hand to clue you in on what is
going on. Of course we'll show subtitled eps where available. We may throw
in a dub or two to see if you are awake! Episodes will be shown in order,
with this exception: We've arranged for a special -satellite link- so you
can watch the current episodes AS THEY ARE AIRED IN JAPAN! 

So come join us to enjoy favorite episodes, or catch the ones you missed!

For details about the con, 
visit our web page:            http://www.voicenet.con/~jprenis/hellcon.html