1996 Fools: Arrested for New $100
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From: jgj@ssd.csd.harris.com (Jeff Jackson)
Subject: Arrested for New $100
Date: 02 Apr 1996 02:56:46 GMT
Organization: I would rather be windsurfing.
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Well I managed to get one of the new $100 bills at the bank this morning,
and tried to spend it.  Unfortunately, neither the sales clerk, her manager
who called the police, the police officer who arrested me, nor the judge
who set my bail at $100,000 had a clue about the new bills.  Fortunately,
I have an understanding employer who bailed me out a little while ago.
Hopefully my lawyer can get this insanity straightened out before it goes
to trial!  My advice is to shun those bills like they were the plague.