1996 Fools: Maison Ikkoku sequel!
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Subject: Maison Ikkoku sequel!
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Greetings!  I have some great news for everyone.  I recently wrote a
letter to Rumiko Takahashi, querying her plans after the end of Ranma.
As everyone knows, she has started on One Pound Gospel again.
However, she has informed me otherwise.  Because of One Pound Gospel's
poor ratings, she has decided to move on to something new.  Though she
expressed that I keep this confidential until she confirms her plans,
it's just so great that I had to leak the info.  Takahashi-san's next
manga series will be... A SEQUEL TO MAISON IKKOKU!
As it turns out, the new series occurs eight years after the first
series ended.  The story will begin with Kyoko and Yusaku Godai
undergoing a troublesome relationship.  Because Yusaku (I guess
"Godai" will now be referred to more as "Yusaku") is unreliable, the
family is constantly falling lower into a life of poverty.  Yusaku is
still a nursery school teacher, and Kyoko stays home and takes care of
their children Haruka (8 years old) and Shinsuke (4 years old).  No
wonder they're so poor.
The first issue will dive right into the story, as Kyoko unfortunately
threatens Yusaku that she will divorce him.  Takahashi-san plans to
center the story around how Souichiro was a better husband than
Yusaku.  Haruka will play a large role, as a girl in a disfunctional
family trying to patch things up.  And yes, she blames herself.
That's all I know as of now.  It's great that Takahashi-san is doing
some serious work again.  I hope this is as good as the original.  I'm
keeping my fingers crossed: Yusaku and Kyoko will always be together
and love each other.

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