1996 Fools: Help Clean Up The Net!!!
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Subject: Help Clean Up The Net!!!
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Date: 1 Apr 1996 15:38:28 -0600
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With the recent defeat of the Communications Decency Act, it's clear it's
about time we tried to clean house a little.

I refer, of course, to the self-appointed "moderator" of news.announce.
newusers, the man who calls himself "Tail".  This derogatory, misogynistic
nomer is just an example; he is decieptful in the extreme!  He portrays
himself as a long-standing member of the WWW community, when in fact he
only got his account !last year!.  We need someone with experience, judgement,
and a responsible attitude!  "Tail" has approved newsgroups such as
comp.lang.ada, comp.lang.c.moderated, and comp.os.linux.misc - all
indecent, disgusting, FILTH!  We don't need that kind of shit on the
WWW, where we want to have a clean environment for our children.


An obvious candidate for his replacement would be David Lawrence, one of
the founders of UUNET Communications, and a long-time citizen of the
Net community.  David has shown himself, time and time again, to be a
supportive and positive member of the community.  But he must be nominated!

Please make sure to post an RFD naming David Lawrence the new moderator of
news.groups!  His email address is "david.lawrence@uu.net", and you can
email him in support of his candidness!
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