1996 Fools: Bill Gates Running for President
From: la@well.com (Lionel Ancelet)
Subject: Bill Gates Running for President
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 19:41:06 GMT

Bill Gates Running for President

04/01/1996 = Web posted at: 9:20 a.m. PST

BELLEVUE (CNN) -- In a terse press release this morning, Bill Gates announced
"he would succeed where Forbes failed". In other words, he intends to be part
of the presidential race --and win it. "I will run as an independent
candidate, well above out-dated quarrels opposing Democrats and Republicans."
he wrote. "I will bring the Information Highway into every American Home. We
are entering the era of Digital Democracy.", he added. 

The press release didn't mention whether he intended to resign from his
current position at Microsoft. According to rumors, even though he set his
company on a new course to try to tap the vast potential of the Internet, he
is secretly doubting this attempt will succeed in the long run, and is now
looking for new challenges, and might relinquish his position.

Bill Gates could not be reached for comment.

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