1994 Fools: News from Whit Wolf
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News From Whit Wolf:
According to the latest Previews, here's the June Releases:
Rage Across Stone Mountain By Night
Coinciding with the release of Necropolis:  Atlanta, this one
details a gaming company desperately trying to escape the clutches

of Pentex and the Nephandi, while trying to avoid the financial
lure offered by the Syndicate (and failing horribly).  Meanwhile,
a caern is found in their washroom, and an antediluvian is
discovered working in the proofreading department. (15.00)
Clan Book Malkavian II
Due to the popularity of the first Clanbook Malkavian, this one was
thrown together by rifling through the recycling bin at 12
different roleplaying companies and mental health centers.  For
those not in the know, there's little difference between the two.
The first supplement for the StreetFighter RPG, this one details
the imaginary land of Shadoloo, ruled by M. Bison.  Complete maps
detail various landmarks, where conveniently parked cars wait to be
demolished.  As chance would have it, it is the first WW/FASA
Crossover, giving rules for ShadowRun, as a place characters can go
on the go. (35.00)

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