1994 Fools: Voyager info *possible spoilers*

From: David Henderson 
Date:  1 Apr 94 06:03:41 GMT
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Subject: Voyager info *possible spoilers*

I saw this article in an advance copy of my local Star Trek newsletter as
information from a convention last Saturday.  Peter Allan Fields has released
some bits of information about Voyager... here's what he had to say:

[This may be considered spoiler-ish information, so I'll protect it...
just in case...]

/* Begin included article <Mar26.p5May94.21085@starnet.org> */

             Voyager Scripts Offer Variety, Power for Cast
                            by Ben Vossner

     Although the main casting for Star Trek: Voyager hasn't been
completed yet, several stories are already lined up for their
characters.  Here is my report from the March 26th Deep Space Twelve
Convention, with information from Peter Allan Fields, Producer for
_Deep_Space_Nine_ and writer for both series.

"Journey Beyond" (The pilot episode, a 2-hour movie ala "Encounter at
     Farpoint" and "Emissary") - Captain Teil and the Voyager are
     chasing the Maquis ship, the Rocane, and they are pulled through
     space to a far corner of the galaxy.  A power surge damages the
     Rocane, and her crew are forced to abandon their ship and beam
     aboard the Voyager.

The combined crew consists of:
  -  Captain Roberta Teil, a human, of the Voyager;
  -  Jouna and Jarel, the members of the new race(s);
  -  Captain K'teen, a Klingon/Human female of the Rocane;
  -  Doctor Veris, a holographic female of the Voyager -- she can't
     journey off the holodeck, but her assistant, John Arting, can;
  -  Potanga, an Apache Indian, of the Rocane -- he is fighting the
     Cardassians because of their actions on his planet, Dorvan 5;
  -  Lt. Majani, the Science officer of the Voyager -- from the Mongolia
     or China -- graduated in upper half of his class, but just barely;
  -  Simek, a Vulcan -- he's the security officer of the Voyager;
  -  a young Lieutenant j.g. -- no details -- on the Rocane;
  -  about 250 other crewmembers

"Brain Games" - Jouna and Jarel perform a ritual that revitalizes
     memories of the crew.  Dr. Veris acts to help them explore their
     feelings through the holodeck.  Lt. Majani's father is supposed to
     be played by a special guest star, but no more information was

"The Power of Youth" - When Capt. Teil, Lt. Majani, and another crewman
     visit an apparently uninhabited planet for some rest time, a virus
     gives the younger ones an increased awareness.

"A View of Forever" - A cavern on a planet similar to the Guardian of
     Forever is visited by the crew.  Several members travel to 21st
     century Vulcan in an attempt to rescue Simek and another Vulcan.

(untitled) - Capt. K'teen and Potanga explore their roots when a
     passing freighter calls for medical help.

"Q and Peace" - Q (John deLancie) stops by, much to the chagrin of the
     Captains and their crews.  It seems Q is up for "a Promotion" and
     needs some "good deeds" to help his case.  Corbin Bernsen may be
     back as Q-2.

/* End included article */

     Well, that's it!  I hope you find it informative.  Many thanks go
to Ben Vossner and Peter Allan Fields for their help.

David Henderson
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