1994 Fools: Gamma Alpha Lambda, the Order of the Sacred Flame
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From: kazrak@netcom.com (Roger B. Jones, Jr.)
Subject: Gamma Alpha Lambda, the Order of the Sacred Flame
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Organization: Gamma Alpha Lambda. (membership@gamma.alpha.lambda.org)
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 18:19:46 GMT
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Usenet (dis)Honorary Society: Gamma Alpha Lambda, the Order of the Sacred Flame

This society will be open to those who:
   1.) Demonstrate a willingness and ability to spend large quantities of
       valuable time flaming people of different viewpoints over Usenet.
   2.) Read and post to newsgroups solely for flame content instead of
       interest in the (purported) subject matter.
   3.) Show one or more of:
       A.) Uniqueness, intelligence, and talent in flaming. (Rare.)
       B.) Willing to invest personal energy and money to continue flaming.
       C.) Stubbornness and thick-headedness above and beyond the call of duty.
       D.) Deafness to the responses of their opponents. (Very common.)
   4.) Promote the ideals of the society, namely that:
       A.) Flames are good.
       B.) Flames having nothing to do with the newsgroup in question are
       C.) Flames against the newsgroup as a whole are best of all.
       D.) Spending all your money to get a news feed just to flame is the
           pinnacle of membership.

Nominations for membership are now being accepted.  Please send them to:

Initial membership will be offered to most of the Usenet Kooks list.

(Note: Gamma Alpha Lambda stands for: Get A Life!  One wonders about folks such
as S*rd*r who get a (non-cheap) UUnet feed just to keep reposting the same
stuff even though they're in the killfiles of half to world.  If you believed
this post, please consider joining.)
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