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Date: 1 Apr 1994 06:05:59 GMT
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                   REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (1st POSTING)
                        PROPOSAL FOR NEW NEWSGROUP
         proposed by:     Richard F. Drushel (rfd@po.cwru.edu)
Group name:       comp.os.t
Status:           unmoderated
Distrib:          world
Summary:          a newsgroup for the discussion of T, a multiTasking
                  operating system for the Coleco ADAM microcomputer
    Despite being abandoned by Coleco Industries in 1985 in favor of 
Cabbage Patch Kids, the Z80-based ADAM microcomputer has continued to
enjoy a loyal following, both among original ADAMites (who paid $700
for their computers) and newcomers (who found them at garage sales for
$20).  Recently, an international design team consisting of Richard F.
Drushel (rfd@po.cwru.edu) and Guy Cousineau (ab773@freenet.carleton.ca)
has developed a preemptive multiTasking operating system for the ADAM, T,
which allows multiple programs (including ColecoVision video games)
to run concurrently (either full-screen or in separate windows on the
256x192 display).  T, which will be formally introduced at ADAMcon 06  
in October, has already created a flurry of interest and activity in
ADAM forums on CompuServe, the Cleveland Freenet, and Fidonet.  Opening
up a USENET newsgroup for some of this traffic would be a public service
to those many thousands of people who have ADAMs sitting in the attic
somewhere, unaware that (1) support still exists for their "orphan", (2)
the ADAM has not been left behind by modern operating system design, and
(3) you can now play e.g. "Gorf" and "Spy Hunter" at the same time.  In
addition, professional programmers and operating system designers may
benefit from the practical examples of multitasking in a minimized-
hardware configuration.  Lastly, we like the serendipitous look of this
proposed addition to newsgroup namespace.
     The proposed group will provide an unmoderated forum for discussion
of any issues related to the preemptive multiTasking operating system T
for the Coleco ADAM microcomputer.  These include, but are not limited
* porting cartridge-based ROM software to RAM operation
* compatibility with existing ADAM operating systems (e.g. EOS-5/7/8,
  OS-7, CP/M 2.2, TDOS 4.58)
* bug reports and kernel updates
* optimizing new ADAM applications to run under T
* new ADAM peripheral design considerations (e.g. ADAMnet vs. port I/O
* installation hints, tips, and kinks
* comparisons with other single- and multitasking operating systems on
  other computers (e.g. MS-DOS, MS-Windows, OS/2, Unix, MacOS, Linux)
* general ADAM advocacy ("keeping the flame alive")
     The proposed group will be directly supported by the ADAM Forum on
the Cleveland Freenet (xx001@po.cwru.edu).  Our Internet and non-Internet
contacts with the worldwide ADAM community will be utilized to prepare
appropriate FAQs and serve as an initial repository of T expertise.
Arrangements for a permanent ftp site for FAQs, etc. are incomplete at
this time, but it is expected that an ftp server will be available soon.
         Please send comments and criticism to rfd@po.cwru.edu,
          and post information for discussion to news.groups.
     The RFD is being issued as per the advice of "How to Create a New
Usenet Newsgroup", which is regularly posted in news.announce.newgroups.
Please refer to this article for any questions about the mechanics of
newsgroup creation.
     This RFD has been crossposted to news.groups, comp.os.misc,
and alt.folklore.computers.  Followups are set to news.groups.
Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio  44106-7080  U.S.A.