1994 Fools: Mazda Recalls 450,000 vehicles

This posting had me going enough to call my Mazda dealer. 

>Mazda Recalls 450,000 vehicles
>April 1, 1994.  Mazda of North America has announced a major recall of
>several popular vehicles built since 1990 for potential safety problems.
>The recall includes the 323, Protoge and Miata models.  According to 
>a Mazda spokesperson, a certain low cost plastic used in the steering
>mechanisim is prone to 'environmental decay' and may cause loss of
>steering in the affected models.  The plastic was designed to biodegrade
>when the cars were eventually recycled, however certain environmental
>conditions can cause it to prematurely age and crack.  No injuries have
>been reported but Mazda is advising the owners of 1990 and 1991 cars
>who live in humid regions to avoid driving their cars and to contact
>their dealer immediately.  All car owners will be notified by registered 
>mail.  Mazda will replace the affected parts at no charge to the customer,
>a move that analysts expect may cost the company up to 10 million dollars.
>(remainder deleted)
>Dr. Adrian Baker
>Media Relations
>What a great day for this to happen...