1994 Fools: For Sale: Macintosh SE
Status: RO

For Sale: Macintosh SE, with two 800k floppy drives and 1 meg of memory!

I got this six years ago for $2500, and it still works today as well as it
did then, so I'll let you have it for $50 less!  $2450, what a bargain!


  - TWO floppy drives!  That's twice the capacity of any Mac sold today!

  - TWO ADB ports!  You can plug your keyboard AND mouse into the back!

  - All-in-one case design that can be easily converted to be a fishtank!

  - Runs System 6, which is small and fast -- and you can go all the way
    back to System 4.1 for compatibility!

  - Much lighter than a Quadra 950 and takes up less space!

  - Great performance -- if you run one of those screen savers with the
    little white lines that twirl and shuffle across the screen, it only
    takes less than five seconds for the lines to get from one side of the
    screen to the other!

And if you act now, I'll knock $50 off the price of my $700 hard drive (50Mb)!

  - Made by a Japanese company whose name I can't pronounce!

  - Has a little green drive access light on the front panel!

  - Big sturdy metal case -- you can put your Mac on top of it!

  - 65ms access time!

  - Plenty of room for System 6, MacWrite, MacPaint, and a few games!

Act now!  Don't hesitate!  Don't pay top dollar for unproven modern equipment
when you can invest in something that's withstood the test of time!