1994 Fools: GOBADGER is coming!
[ Archive note:  This was posted on 3-31-94 to 'wislib', a listserv
for Wisconsin librarians ]

From:    WIRCS3::RBOCHER      "Robert Bocher"
To:      IN%"wislib@milkyway.wils.wisc.edu",RBOCHER
Subject: GOBADGER is coming!
We all know the advantages that gophers have brought to the Internet.
Cruising through gopherspace via menus has made it easier to travel over
the Internet.  Yet gopher has its limitations.  Even when using the
bookmarks feature it can still be rather cumbersome to wade through a
whole series of menus hoping you will eventually move to where you
really want to be.  As more gophers are linked to the Internet finding
what you know is out there will become even more problematic.  Even a
simple Veronica search can now take a considerable amount of time and
some sites are limiting access because of the demands placed on their
To overcome the limitations of gophers I have heard that a new gopher
client called GOBADGER is being developed right here in Badgerland!
GOBADGER is supposed to be much more aggressive than any mundane gopher
client you have used.  It digs through meek and passive gopher servers
rooting out the information we all so desperately crave.  Any query
coming in to a gopher server from a GOBADGER client instantly moves to
the front of the que. All of a system's resources are then immediately
devoted to filling the GOBADGER's request.  Any pending gopher requests
are unceremoniously tossed into a recyclable GOBADGER bit bucket which
is appended for just such occurrences at the end of every GOBADGER
selector string.  (GOBADGER then digests these gopher bits and uses them
in formulating the response to your request.  Nothing goes to waste!).
Rumor has it that the gopher development team in Minnesota is not too
pleased to see their prized product being treated in such a cavalier
manner.  But that's their problem.  Right?!  Do they really expect us
to endure the drudgery of plodding through menu after menu and digging
in gopher burrow after burrow soiling ourselves just to sate our
information desires?
I don't know about you, but I say, GOBADGER!
Release of a pre-alpha version is reported to be Friday April 1st, fools
day....  Have a good one! ;)
            --  Bob
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