1994 Fools: Extended ejaculation
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There are techniques to extend the male orgasm.  These all involve
supressing the ejaculation.  The disadvantage of this is that it takes
considerable amount of muscle control, and most men don't find it as
There's been no way to have an extended orgasm *with* an ejaculation,
because there's only so much fluid in there.
There is a technique which can allow the best of both worlds.  An
extended, fully satisfying, ejaculatory orgasm, without any need for
special muslce control.  It can be done alone or with one or more
very patient and understanding partners.
The technique involves replenishing the fluids as quickly as they're
ejaculated.  Warning:  Nobody who isn't very familiar and comfortable
with medical techniques should attempt the following.  Doing this
wrong can cause infection, exsanguination, and/or death.  You have
been warned!
First, wash out the rectum with a strong antiseptic.  Then insert a
6 Fr. (2 mm) hypodermic syringe through the anterior rectal wall into
the prostate gland.  It should be attached to about two feet of sterile
clear plastic tubing, which should be primed with sterile isotonic
saline.  Wash the penis with a strong antiseptic.  Put on a condom.
Make sure it does *not* have any spermicide or other additives.  The
condom should be filled with sterile isotonic saline as you put it on,
and should have the other end of the clear plastic tubing running down
its length on the interior to the reservoir tip.  Caution:  Make certain
there are no air bubbles in the condom or the clear plastic tubing.
Bubbles can cause air embolism, necrosis, and permanent loss of sexual
When you reach orgasm, the fluids will be pumped back into the prostate
and endlessly recycled.  The orgasm and ejaculation will continue
indefinitely.  The only limit is when you need to urinate, since that
isn't possible during ejaculation.  Or when your partner gets bored.
To terminate, simply unplug the plastic tubing at either end.  The
ejaculation will then come to a stop within a few seconds.  Try not
to have a bowel movement for at least six hours after doing this, to
prevent possible infection of the rectal injection site.
To go on for even longer, some brave sexual pioneers have implanted
shunts into their bladders, allowing urine to drain through the
abdominal wall into an external bag.  I do not recommend this.  The
body really isn't designed for multi-day orgasms.  The continually
elevated blood pressure and heart rate can lead to problems in
susceptible individuals.
The record orgasm is just over four months.  Unfortunately, it was
terminated by the individual having a stroke.  He survived, but is
permanently paralyzed from the neck down.  However, he says it was
worth it, and he'd do it again if he could.
Some experimenters say it's not just the duration but the intensity
that's important, and the intensity depends on the rate of flow.  So
they're working on hooking up pumps in-line.  Pumps from old dialysis
machines, and from discarded heart-lung machines are being tried.
Perhaps I'll be able to report on their success a year from now.
Keith Lynch, kfl@access.digex.com
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