1993 Fools: New moderator for r.h.f.
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Subject: New moderator for r.h.f.
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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1993 18:27:12 GMT
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In response to the endless discussions in news.admin and rec.humor.d.,
we are going to be replacing the moderator of rec.humor.funny.

Finalists for the position are:

     Madonna Ciccone, entertainment mogul
     David Koresh, respected religious leader
     J. Danforth Quayle, conservative think tank member
     Salman Rushdie, noted novelist and social critic
     Princess Diana Windsor, famous gossip columnist 

We'll be announcing the new moderator soon.  Remember, if you
speak up, you CAN change the system.  Thanks again for all your
helpful complaints and kvetching.  Please keep whining whenever
there is something about our service that annoys you, even if it
is a joke that isn't as funny as you could tell it or has a minor
spelling error.  You can be sure your complaint will be handled

Maddi Hausmann
April 1st, 1993


   Maddi (Telejoke)