1993 Fools: fsh ported
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Subject: fsh ported
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I've finished porting fsh (the Fortran shell) to Linux, and will be uploading
it to txs-11 before the day is out.  This is the full Miskatonic University
implementation of fsh, version 4.1, with some enhancements to bring the
patchlevel up to 93.  Here are the major improvements:

	(1) ECHO can now be called without a FORMAT statement (in
interactive mode only).

	(2) Full carriage control compliance in shell scripts.  This enables
the shell to communicate with a teletype as well as the more traditional
card reader interface.

	(3) For csh users, f2c is a shell builtin.

	(4) Named .PIPE.s are fully implemented.

	(5) A limited implementation of the COME FROM statement.  At present
this feature is only usable in shell scripts or multiline commands; hopefully,
patchlevel 94 will allow it to be used interactively.

The tar file should be uploaded as fsh-4.1-93.tar.Z by this evening.

(BTW, for all those who asked, the CP/M emulator and ish, the Intercal shell,
are also close to completion.)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Happy April 1st, folks.

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