1993 Fools: WINUX, the free WINDOWS(TM)-Simulator now available!
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Subject: WINUX, the free WINDOWS(TM)-Simulator now available!
Date: 1 Apr 1993 17:36:30 GMT
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And now it's time for something you have been waiting for
a long, loooong time:

Macrosoft proudly presents:

WINUX, the one and only WINDOWS(TM)-Emulator for Linux.

WINUX has been tested on a lot of hardware platforms,
a lot of (secret) beta-testing went along, and so we are
now able to release a first pre-gamma-version to the public.


- runs most Windows clients out of the box, but still has some
  problems with most Microsoft applications (undocumented
  features of Windows are not yet supported).
  Working clients include:
  Corel Draw 4.0, AmiPro (Professional Edition),
  Borland ++C for Windows, Lotus 4-5-6...

- Doubles speed by using GNU-C instead of Microsoft C 7.0.
  (Assembly version is in the pipeline)

- Supports all known graphic cards, especially the brand new

- Super-easy-installation. All you have to do is boot the first disk.
  Everything else is menu-driven.

- Hole system fits on only ten 3.5-disks, including all clients
  of the original WINDOWS-distribution.

- For your leisure, there is a stripped version of WING-Commander
  as screen-saver (only dog fights, no story).

And now for the most important part:

WINUX is available for FREE at

lipra.eth.irfst.edu in /pub/Systems/UNIX/Linux/GammaTest/windows/WINUX

login as user Gill , password Bates

And be sure to have some free space on your workstation left...