1993 Fools: Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQs): Denouncing: THE LESSER INTERNUT TRIVIA HUNT
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From: ddern@world.std.com (Daniel P Dern)
Subject: Lesser Internut Trivia Hunt
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Summary: Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQs)
Keywords: Happy Day after March 31 
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1993 00:48:01 GMT
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Date:       03/32/93
From:	    Daniel Dern, High Muckymuck, Internut Whirled

Argument: Sure, savvy Internauts have proven they can locate 
important stuff and do essential things over the Internet, but
how much do you really know about this globe-girdling gizmo?
Hmmm?  How much of its history do you know?  (As those of us
who read Usenet groups like alt.internet.access.wanted know,
"those who do not read the previous week's postings are bound
to repeat the same basic questions.")  Do you care?  Do we care
that you don't care?  Are you reading this or fnord have you
skipped to what looks like fnord the interesting parts?

Disclaimer: To simplify matters, there will be no rules, no prizes,
and no entries. Previous winners of Internet Hunts will be disqualified
unless their spouses have recently masqueraded as a member of the
British constabulary.   Comments and questions to Dave Null 
( /dev/null@yoursystemFDQNhere )  Neither Ric nor Bill Gates
know anything about this, unless you tell 'em.  

1. What does the  &-[8-}#.........@  smiley mean? (Take your best

2. Using the Network Temperature Protocol, can you determine whether
it's likely to rain at a given site, or is the air conditioning
on too hard?  How about the Network Earthquake Protocol?

3. Locate and quote the first stanza from "Rosencrantz and Ethernet".
Who wrote it?

4. Explain why you probably don't want to telnet from the Internet to
CompuServe?  Who might?

5. Where can I get information on how to connect my bicycle to the
Internet?  Is there a newsgroup or mailing list about this?

6. Find a message from Gordon Cook that is not complaining or
criticizing, and also what is the price for the Cook report?

7. Where was one of the first appearances of 'You are in a maze of
twisty little directories, all alike'?

8. What were the two initial SNMP states for John Romkey's toaster?  
Who ate the demo?

42. For extra credit: Can you find a posting that is readable (although
not necessarily identical) when rot13'd?  (the text, not the
header, of course)

9. What questions are most frequently asked on news.newusers.questions?

10. What was the Stargate project, and why didn't it happen?

11. How do I send a message to everyone on the Internet?  (Don't try it,
just indicate how)  How much will this p*ss people off?  How many
hostile mail messages can you expect to get in response?

12. Without regard to likely skill, give a suggested starting line-up for
the Internet All-Star Basketball team?  For extra credit, give the
opposing line-up from the Marketing Analysts team.

13. What's the real story behind the Core explosion in the Known Universe?
Where can I get more details?

14. How many miles of wire were used in the show network (INTEROPnet)for
Interop 92 Fall?  How much pizza was consumed in putting it together?

15. In what technical newsletter Q&A column do answers tend to start
with "Down on the farm, we have a saying..."

16. Who coined the expression, "Death by success" and what aren't they
doing anymore?

17. In terms of transmission, what is the slowest connection on the
Usenet (between two points, versus total hop count)?

18. How do I examine directory listings and individual files at remote
FTP sites without retrieving them, assuming I'm still running a
pre-1992 version of FTP and not using Gopher, etc?

19. Is there a way I can play tiddlywinks over the network?

20. Where can I get information about the following books?:
	_ Men Who Believe in OSI and the Women Who Love Them
	_ Root
	_ The Usenet Diet
	_ Why Johnny Can't Grep
	_ Integrated Routing Is No Sin

21. Who is Milo Media?

22. How many of these questions have real answers?

23. What is the origin of the term "SnailMail" (and don't bother

24. What are some notable features of the Xmnm program?  

25. What do you get when you play Internet Talk Radio segments
backwards?  Does Tipper Gore know about this?

Thanks and good luck!  (Remember, don't send answers.)

Daniel P. Dern
Emacsitor, Internut Whirrled
"Soup de jour, carpe diem, manana flambe"