1993 Fools: MINI-REVIEW: Image Tickler
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Subject: MINI-REVIEW: Image Tickler
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Date: 1 Apr 1993 05:14:07 GMT
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        I recently bought a copy of BrainSoft's new image processing
program, Image Tickler, and I'm sorry to report that it is a totally useless
waste of disk space.  Personally, I've seen better software created by
chimpanzees.  The thing gurus constantly, trashes my hard drive, and
makes rude comments to my dinner guests using the speech synthesizer.

	You might think that a company like BrainSoft would be embarrassed
to release such a poor-quality product, especially since the competition in
the image processing arena is so intense!  For example, HyperMorph (by
Underware Inc.) is a truly amazing program that is so powerful, useful, and
simple to use, that everybody should own a copy!  I use it all the time, and
it's amazing!!

	In short:  format your Image Tickler disk, and buy Underware's
HyperMorph instead!

Neville Snort, Chief Programmer and Propagandist
Underware, Inc.


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