1993 Fools: New Mail service available: IRC by Mail
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Subject: New Mail service available
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Dear reader,

  As of today, 1-4-1993, a new mail service is made available. Parallel
  to developments like ftpmail and the archie mail interface, we've
  decided to make yet another useful internet service available to anyone
  capable of sending and receiving Email messages.


  The IRCMAIL interface allows you to access the Interactive Remote
  Conferencing (IRC) system using your mailer! 
  This opens unique possiblities for people with UUCP connections, people
  behind firewalls, people on private networks with no direct internet
  access, etcetera!

  Usage of the server is extremely simple: Send a mail message to:

  If you are located on a net that requires a special address format
  to send messages to the internet, then adapt accordingly.
  As the subject, choose a channel name. IRC is divided into several
  channels to organise the discussions. You will join the channel that is
  mentioned in the subject line. The current version of ircmail does
  not allow you to switch channels during the discussion.

  Any text in the body of the mail will be sent to the channel. ircmail
  will try to be smart and allows other participants of the discussion
  to reply to your remarks before continuing with the next line.

  After completing your session, a logfile with the progress of the
  discussion will be sent back to you.

  Here's an example ircmail session from a fictive unix host that's able
  to send mail directly to the internet:

% mail ircmail@ircserver.et.tudelft.nl
Subject: aussies
Hello, are you concerned about the hole in the ozone layer?
Oh, really?

  After completing the discussion you will get a logfile with all the
  conversations that took place via Email.

  We hope you will enjoy this new service. If you have any questions
  you are free to mail the admin of ircserver, irc@ircserver.et.tudelft.nl.
  Or you can call TOLL-FREE: 800-040193 MAIL !!

  This service was jointly develloped by JohnPC, jim_bob and Nono.
Jan-Pieter Cornet
James Grinter
Arnaud Girsch