1993 Fools: MINI-REVIEW: HyperMorph
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	I just picked up HyperMorph, a new graphic manipulation and morphing
package created by Underware Inc.  Unfortunately, it is a real piece of
CRAP.  The graphics suck, the programming sucks, the user interface sucks...
seriously, this is one SUCKY program.  I don't think I've seen a trashier
piece of software in all my life.

	You would think that a company like Underware would be ashamed to
put out such junk, especially since there are competing products that are so
much better.  Consider Image Tickler (by BrainSoft), for example.  It's got
the best user interface of ANY program I've seen, the graphic operations are
lightning-fast, and the company's support is great.

	In short:  avoid HyperMorph, and buy Image Tickler by BrainSoft!!

Tanya Zog, Customer Relations Satisfaction Service Representative
BrainSoft Incorporated


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