1993 Fools: New Mac, DOS, & Windows Gopher client
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Subject: New Mac, DOS, & Windows Gopher client
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The Gopher Team is pleased to announce FATTgopher: a single client for
Mac, DOS, and Windows/Winsock.  This single binary is distributed using the
new MIME/93 multipart resource allocation format.  The Macintosh code
is contained in the resource component, and tagged DOS or Windows code is
resident in the conventional data component (this is ignored by Macs).

The single application simplifies maintenance for us as all components share
a significant portion of code.  This single format also simplifies the life
of campus network administrators, since only one application needs to be 
installed and supported.  The applications all share a common user
interface using platform specific window types and controls.

We are working on X and Motif support in the Type4 component.

FATTgopher 1.0 beta is available via Gopher or anonymous FTP from 
mozart.micro.umn.edu.  Remember: this is beta software.  Please send
bug reports and feedback to gopher@boombox.micro.umn.edu.

 - The Gopher Team.