1992 Fools: TidBITS #114 Replies Part 2
Risks Digest
RISKS DIGEST 13.39:  Re: Risks of on-line documents dated April 1 (Tarabar, RISKS-13.37)

Date: 	Wed, 8 Apr 1992 17:51:30 PDT
From: Robert_Ebert.OsBU_North@xerox.com
Subject: Re: Risks of on-line documents dated April 1 (Tarabar, RISKS-13.37)

dtarabar@hstbme.mit.edu (David Tarabar) writes:
>Not getting an April Fools joke might be more of a risk in on-line documents
>because often they are not read until some time after the first of April.

I actually did read the TidBITS article on the 1st...  call me slow, call me

In way of clarification, the two "inclusions" I sent from the #114 TidBITS were
things purported to be the "truth", the *rest* of the article was the joke.
Strangely, when I knew it was a joke and went back to look at it, I would have
rated the IBM distribution article as "most likely to be false."  What's next?
Blue suits in airports singing, dancing, and giving away OS/2 in exchange for a
"small donation"?

The joke articles consisted of:
   Microsoft & NeXT?:
	An article about MicroSoft products for NeXT machines, and
	the pros and cons of such an arrangement.  NeXT gets credibility
	as a business machine, MS gets stuff from the NeXT environment.
	Digs against Windows technology, NeXT popularity, and even ACE
	productivity.  (All of which are, IMHO, deserved.)

    Future Finder:
    	A long article about a new Finder replacement by Bruce
	Tognazzini.  Lots of whizzy features, a DiskBox icon for
	unmounted floppies, groups of files called "collections", a
	super folder which launches everything inside when you double-
	click it, improved balloon help, and additionally fixing everything
	that's wrong with the Finder today.  I don't care if it's a joke,
	I want it.  I'll even take it in little pieces, via extensions.

    New Life for Old Macs:
    	Okay, this is really the most obvious joke.  Take your toaster
	Macs, swap out the motherboard, and put in a IIfx-like
	machine and maybe even a color LCD display with some weird back-
	back BUS extensions.  Nifty and impossible stuff here, but I was
	skimming at this point.
                    			--Bob (bebert.osbu_north@xerox.com)