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(Okay, this is two years old, but I wanted to repost it anyway.  :)

Apple Releases New Macintosh Extension


CUPERTINO, California--April 1, 1992--Apple Computer, Inc., made a
major addition to the software that runs the Macintosh computer today
with the release of the Caffeine Manager, an extension to System 7.0
that allows all Macintosh computers to interface cleanly and easily
with such devices as coffee percolators and soda machines.

"We're really excited about this release," says Mike "Ro" Soft of
Apple DTS (Drink The Soda).  "Users and programmers alike now can
immediately have access to a wide variety of commercial beverages from
their desktop, all with the familiar Macintosh mouse-driven

The Caffeine Manager 1.0, available immediately from major commercial
outlets as well as anonymous ftp from ftp.apple.com, will expand
Macintosh connectivity on all models by providing a plug-and-play
interface to Mr. Coffee machines and clones.  High-end Quadra machines
running it will be able to administrate a network containing soft
drink vending machines.

Mr. Soft adds, "We hope this software will be a major step in crossing
the fine line between word processors and food processors."

John Sculley, CEO of Apple Computer, was quick to hail the Caffeine
Manager as a turning point in the development of the Macintosh.  "It's
where I've envisioned the company going, it's a dream I've had since
my last job," he states.  "This will make the Macintosh the choice of
a new generation."

The first product to make use of the Caffeine Manager will be
QuickBrew.  Due to be released later this year, it will integrate
sound and video with cream and sugar, and optional third-party ADB
(Apple Desktop Brew) hardware will allow it to make a great cup of

Developers will be receiving recyclable aluminum CD's containing
specifications for the Caffeine Manager resource types 'JOLT', 'KOLA',
and 'JAVA' later this week.

Apple Computer, founded fifteen years ago today, is one of the world's
major consumers of Mountain Dew.


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